The First Year of the Compact - How the Review Process Can Make Civilian CSDP More Capable

This policy brief by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) details the benefits of the 2018 civilian CSDP Compact's review process: it highlights that political will is indispensable and formulates recommendations on how to design the review process.

According to the brief, an effective and informative review process is a necessary step to make civilian CSDP more capable. It would 1) introduce a common methodology on civilian capabilities and thereby foster coherence 2) establish a forward-looking approach to capability planning and 3) foster cooperation between member states which share the same priorities. The author also proposes a way forward to implement the review process. 

Reference: B├Âttcher, C. (2019). The first year of the Compact: how the review process can make civilian CSDP more capable, DGAPKompakt, 10/2019 (20). 


PDF | 5 pages

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