Civilian Crisis Management Contexts

A series of commentaries from the European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management.

The European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management (CoE) supports its members (currently 21 Member States of the European Union) and EU institutions, particularly the European External Action Service, in implementing their commitments under the Civilian CSDP Compact and, more generally, helps enhance civilian capabilities to strengthen EU crisis management.

As part of this work, the CoE analyses the contexts in which Civilian CSDP and EU Civilian Crisis Management operate to identify challenges, opportunities and issues to be considered. This series of commentaries, which is called CCM Contexts, contributes to such analysis and seeks to foster debate among practitioners, policymakers, think tankers, experts, and academics on these topics. The commentaries are written accessibly and pitched to be of interest to people from these different groups working on Civilian Crisis Management or related topics. CCM Contexts are written by CoE staff or by external experts.

CCM Contexts seek to bring fresh thinking to European Civilian Crisis Management and to provide new ways of understanding the issues surrounding it. For example, some commentaries in the series draw on academic work that provides useful perspectives on the politics and practices of the EU’s CSDP and CFSP or which identifies developments in global or regional politics that (should) affect these policies. Other commentaries show how the practical experience of EU missions relates to policy and politics or identify how cross-cutting issues like the Women Peace and Security Agenda or Climate Change can - and should - affect EU civilian crisis management.

CCM Contexts provide food for thought, points for reflection and aim to improve the practice as well as the policies around Civilian Crisis Management.

The views expressed in CCM Contexts are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the CoE.


»Compact 2.0«: Integrating Civilian CSDP into the Strategic Compass

This paper outlines key aspects of civilian crisis management that should form the basis of what has been termed the Compact 2.0. The paper argues that this Compact 2.0 should, alongside the civilian CSDP Compact, meaningfully inform the emerging Strategic Compass (SC).

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'Strategic Autonomy' Is A Dangerous Myth

Written by Benjamin Tallis, Policy Officer, European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management.

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