2019 Council Conclusions on the Civilian CSDP Compact

In this document, Member States reaffirm, one year after the adoption of the civilian CSDP Compact, their commitment to the Compact and take stock of progress made with regards to its implementation.

The Council Counclusions are partly based on the first Annual Review Confrence, which took place in November 2019. The Council endorses the waypoints identified on this occasion, including in particular but not exhaustively: increasing jointly the number of seconded experts in the missions; the finalisation of National Implementation Plans and the commencement of their implementation; strengthening responsiveness tools; exploring the possible modalities of evaluating the operational impact of the missions; and promoting more joined-up action, including through the development and implementation of targeted "mini-concepts". 

Reference: European Union, Council of the European Union (2019). Council Conclusions on the implementation of the Civilian CSDP Compact.