Civilian CSDP Compact

The Civilian CSDP Compact is a key strategic document aiming to strengthen the civilian dimension of the CSDP. It was signed by EU Member States in 2018 and encompasses 22 political commitments that seek to render civilian CSDP a) more capable; b) more effective, flexible and responsive; and c) more joined up.

Commitments include increased contributions to civilian CSDP, the ability to launch a new mission of up to 200 personnel within 30 days after a Council conclusion, and a stronger emphasis on the internal-external security nexus, inter alia through reinforced cooperation between civilian CSDP missions and Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) actors.

Reference: European Union, Council of the European Union (2018). Conclusions of the Council and of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council, on the establishment of a Civilian CSDP Compact


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