Knowledge Management is needed in Crisis Management

Civilian CSDP Missions are lacking a standardised approach to knowledge management. To effectively carry out Missions, knowledge needs to be captured, stored, organised and remain retrievable. How to achieve this goal, also mentioned in the Civilian CSDP Compact 2023, was discussed at the panel discussion at the European Association of Peace Operations Training Centres (EAPTC) Annual Conference 2023.

Institutional knowledge is built by combining existing data and information all organisations have with perception and experience. Institutional knowledge aims to ensure that individual experiences and the lessons learned from them are transferred to an institutional level for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. Knowledge management policies and processes are needed to ensure that this transfer is coherent and sustainable. Currently, there is no such standardised approach in civilian CSDP Missions, but steps are being taken to achieve the goal set in the 2023 CSDP Compact to “develop a systematic approach to knowledge management and organisational learning”. Indeed, for 2023, the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC) plans to set up a network for knowledge management across civilian CSDP Missions to map needs and develop standardised practices, in order to update the annual lessons process and develop operational guidelines for knowledge management in missions.  

The panel discussion at the EAPTC Annual Conference discussed the potential and need for knowledge management within CSDP Missions. Ville Savoranta (CPCC) and Maria Granzia Romano from the European Security and Defence College hosted the panel. Ariane Bonnier from the CoE started by introducing the principles and importance of knowledge management. Lt. Col. Traian Bradu described the approach within military CSDP which has a longer experience with knowledge management. Johanna Hakanen from CMC Finland discussed how CMC uses three different but interconnected practices and Jorge Caseiro, former member of EUCAP Somalia, gave an introduction in already existing knowledge management practices in missions and their limitations. 

Reference: Hakanen, J. (2023). Knowledge Management is needed Crisis Management. Crisis Management Centre Finland. 


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