Civilian CSDP Compact 2023

The Council of the European Union and its members have agreed to a new Civilian CSDP Compact building on the first Compact adopted in November 2018. The new Compact seeks to enhance civilian missions’ effectiveness, impact, flexibility and robustness in order to tackle emerging and future security challenges.

The new Compact was agreed in the context of strong concern about the emergence or escalation of conflicts around the EU as well as other challenges including the rise of revisionist actions, flagrant violations of internal law and human rights, democratic backsliding, the persistence of instability and transnational threats as well as climate change and its effects on conflicts and crises.  

The new Compact includes 20 commitments to strengthen civilian CSDP. The Council and Member States aim to regularly review progress made and to fully deliver on the new Compact by early summer 2027.

Reference: European Union, Council of the European Union (2023). Conclusions of the Council and of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council, on the establishment of a Civilian CSDP Compact


PDF | 26 pages

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