Compact 2.0: Integrating Civilian CSDP into the Strategic Compass

This paper outlines key aspects of civilian crisis management that should form the basis of what has been termed the Compact 2.0. The paper argues that this Compact 2.0 should, alongside the 2018 civilian CSDP Compact, meaningfully inform the emerging Strategic Compass (SC).

To support this contribution, it highlights where each of the outlined themes relate to the four baskets of the Compass. It also illustrates specific efforts needed by the three key stakeholder groups in this realm: EU Member States, EU institutions, and civilian CSDP missions.

Civilian CSDP can only unleash its full potential if it is appropriately utilised, funded, and integrated in the EU’s international security activities. Recent developments in Afghanistan once again illustrate the necessity to complement a predominantly military approach to international conflict resolution with more prevalent civilian components. To be sure, this is not a competition, as both civilian and military CSDP have their place in the EU’s security and defence policy. Both offer unique strengths which, if combined, are more than their mere sum. Thus, it is now time to better leverage the unique assets of civilian CSDP and to advance a truly Integrated Approach in action. The paper hopes to help pave the way towards these goals.

Reference: Mavrakou, S. (2021). Compact 2.0: Integrating Civilian CSDP into the Strategic Compass,  European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management (CoE). 


PDF | 19 pages

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