2021 Council Conclusions on the Civilian CSDP Compact

In this document, the Council of the European Union reaffirms, three years after the adoption of the 2018 Civilian CSDP Compact, its commitment to strengthening the civilian branch of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

It first stresses the need to enhance synergies between internal and external security, security and development, as well as between the civilian and military dimensions of CSDP. The Council welcomes and commends the overall progress in implementing the 2018 Compact, made both by the Member States and by the EEAS and Commission services. It reminds the waypoints, decided at the Annual Review Conference on 19 November 2021, to achieve the implementation of all commitments of the 2018 Compact by early summer 2023 at the latest. Finally, the Council recalls that the Strategic Compass, once agreed, will further guide the level of ambition and define policy orientations and specific goals and objectives in security and defence, including for civilian CSDP.

Reference: European Union, Council of the European Union (2021). Council Conclusions on Civilian CSDP Compact.


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