The European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia: Special Annual Report on Gender Mainstreaming (2016)

This report highlights the efforts made by EUMM Georgia in implementing the EU legal framework regarding gender mainstreaming in missions. Based on the analysis of practices, interviews and statistics between January 2015 and June 2016, it pictures the gender mainstreaming situation in the Mission and suggests steps forward to overcome identified challenges.

The suggestions, some of which have been implemented by the publication of the report, include: to ensure the maximum possible presence of female monitors and patrol leaders, to increase the number of women in management positions, to keep on conducting an annual gender mainstreaming assessment and collect relevant data to this end, to ensure a common understanding of the concrete integration of the gender perspective in daily work, to sustain an active network of gender focal points and to further provide staff training on this subject. The report ends by urging Member States to “nominate female candidates to the Mission, especially to senior level positions” (p.7). 

Reference:  European External Action Service, Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (2016). The European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia: Special Annual Report of Gender Mainstreaming.  


PDF | 12 pages

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