Gender Budgeting: Practical Implementation

This handbook provides a how-to on gender budgeting. This includes context elements, prerequisites, and tools for gender budgeting, as well an extended analysis of different governance levels. It opens the discussion with an analysis of civil society’s role in gender budget work.

The handbook is designed for people who are familiar with gender issues and who need a guide to gender budgeting as a tool for gender mainstreaming. Its core section answers the question “how to do gender budgeting” by giving the prerequisites of such policies, specific tools, and methodological approaches to systematize the process. Gender budgeting at different governmental levels and the different roles that civil society can play in gender budgeting are also touched upon. 

Reference: Quinn S. (2009). Gender budgeting: practical implementation, Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs, Council of Europe.


PDF | 80 pages

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