Study: Women in CSDP Missions

Summary: The study, published by the Directorate-General for external policies and requested by the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE), looks into the policies and issues at the EEAS and in Member States that either support or hinder women’s participation in CSDP missions.

The document focuses on three issues that contribute to equal participation of men and women in crisis management missions: i) The structures that promote equality in the security sector institutions within the EU; ii) The effects of women’s participation in missions and operations; iii) How the current policies and structures can be adapted to create a conductive working environment for both men and women. The report includes short-term, action-oriented recommendations for the EU member states and the EU institutions.

Reference: Collective work of WIIS (2017). Study: Women in CSDP missions, Directorate-General for external policies - Policy department, PE 603.855. 
doi: 10.2861/021126 


PDF | 37 pages

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