Gender, Peace and Security in the European Union's Field Missions

This report explores how the EU and EU Member States can act more strategically to reinforce gender mainstreaming, make use of gender specific measures, and increase women’s participation in civilian CSDP missions. Based on an in-depth assessment of two long running missions –EUMM Georgia and EUPOL COPPS – and observations from EULEX Kosovo, the authors present an analysis of the situation and recommendations to strengthen ongoing work.

The recommendations are (i) to define specific objectives for gender mainstreaming, directly relating to the mandate of each mission, and develop corresponding guidelines and reports; (ii) to develop clearer guidelines for including local women’s participation, as stated in the EU Gender Policy; (iii) to create stronger organisational and professional capacities, through training and though clarifying the role of gender field advisors and gender focal points; and (iv) continue to support equal opportunities for both male and female personnel, which would be eased by a prior gender balance and distribution of labour assessment. The in-depth assesment of EUPOL COPPS is available here: Field Assessment Implementing EU Gender Policy in EUPOL COPPS

Reference: Olsson, L. et al. (2014). Gender, Peace and Security in the European Union’s Field Missions, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-637-7154-5. 


PDF | 65 pages

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