Facilitating Experience Capitalisation

This guidebook is about the capitalisation of experience, a process that aims at turning individual experience on the field into practical and shareable knowledge, to increase the impact of a project.

The guide is specifically addressed to the experience capitalisation facilitators. Their role is to initiate the process, keep it on track, steer the discussion, plan and manage time, help to capture lessons and encourage their adoption. The first part concerns the preparation of the process, the core part is about its implementation and the shorter parts three and four deal with the online facilitation and the institutionalisation of experiences’ capitalisations.

Reference: Eggens, L. and Chavez-Tafur, J. (2019). Facilitating experience capitalization: A guidebook. Wageningen, the Netherlands, CTA (The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation). 



PDF | 96 pages

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