EEAS Gender and Equal Opportunities Strategy 2018-2023

The document outlines the main aspects of an EEAS strategy on gender and equal opportunities for the period 2018-2023. It elaborates on its priorities, rationale, objectives and suggested actions and means of implementation. It was developed to form the strategic framework for promoting gender equality and equal opportunities for all members, in all functions and at all levels of the EEAS. It can serve as an example for other actors, institutions and organisations looking for inspiration on how to develop frameworks of their own.

The strategy focuses on three main priorities in which it outlines concrete goals and means of implemenation: 1. Gender equality, 2. An open and inclusive working environment, and 3. Result-oriented, flexible working conditions incorporating work-life balance. Moreover, it recommends the appointment of an “Equal Opportunities Officer” and the creation of a supporting network of “Equality Ambassadors” formed by volunteering colleagues, including senior staff, to raise awareness, help monitor progress and drive forward implementation.

Reference: EEAS (2017). EEAS Gender and Equal Opportunities Strategy 2018-2023



PDF | 13 pages

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