Concept of the Use of "Specialised Teams" in Civilian CSDP Missions

The 2018 Civilian CSDP Compact establishes Specialised Teams as an additional tool to reinforce Civilian CSDP Missions and enable them to adapt to new challenges. This concept indicates their use and details how Specialised Teams are set up from initiation and composition to administration and costs.

Specialised Teams (STs) are added to the list of tools to quickly deploy experts to Civilian CSDP Missions next to the already existing tools of Civilian Response Teams (CRTs), Visiting Experts (VEs) and Crowd and Riot Control (CRC). Their use is not limited to specific topics. The need for an ST is determined by a Head of Mission and can be foreseen in the operational planning phase but also requested to address ad hoc operational needs. STs can be deployed up to 6 months as opposed to the 3 months deployments of CRTs. According to the document, STs consist of multiple experts whereas CRTs and VEs would only provide Missions with individual experts.

This concept explains the process of deployment of STs. It details how STs can be requested with a concept note, how Calls for Contributions are structured, how STs can be provided by different stakeholders and how offers are selected. The document also includes templates for some steps of the process. 

Reference: Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CivCom) (2019). Concept of the use of “Specialised Teams” in Civilian CSDP Missions. Council of the European Union.


PDF | 17 pages

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