Civilian Crisis Management – the Finnish Model

On this CMC Finland page, you will find a comprehensive list of government documents on policy and strategy as well as legislation that make up Finland’s framework for civilian crisis management. Additionally, other important arrangements relating to the budget and decision-making are explained. The model is the basis for all Finnish engagements in international civilian crisis management missions and operations including civilian CSDP missions where Finland is a major contributor.

CMC Finland has put together an overview of the framework behind the Finnish engagement in international civilian missions and operations. Among other aspects it includes: 

  • A list of strategy and policy documents 
  • The legislative foundation of the model 
  • The composition of the budget for civilian crisis management 
  • A breakdown of the decision-making within the MFA, the MoI and CMC Finland 
  • A breakdown of responsibilities regarding recruitment and training among other things 
  • A definition of the role of strategic communication 
  • And a list of potential partners and stakeholders 

As Finland is successful in seconding a large number of civilian experts to civilian missions, this model can be seen as good practice for other countries who are looking to establish a more sophisticated framework for secondments. 

 Reference: CMC Finland (2024). Civilian Crisis Management – the Finnish Model



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