2022 Council Conclusions on the Civilian CSDP Compact

The Council Conclusions renew the Council’s commitment to civilian CSDP and highlight the importance of its missions in the current geopolitical landscape. It outlines the achievements made since the 2018 Civilian CSDP Compact and calls for a new Civilian CSDP Compact structured around four priorities: act rapidly and robustly, secure host countries and civilian CSDP missions against fast-changing threats, invest in more and better capabilities and partner with host countries, third states and international organisations.

The Conclusions mention expectations for the new Civilian CSDP Compact which include a scalable and modular approach and an increased rapid response capacity to become more flexible. Additionally, host countries and missions are to be secured against dynamic threats and member states as well as EU institutions need to invest in their capabilities. The Council calls for improvements in financing, legislation and decision-making processes with support of the European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management (CoE). Secondments should increase significantly targeting the mark of 70% of international staff at missions being seconded. The council calls on the EEAS to develop a civilian capabilities development process by 2024. Finally, the importance of partnerships with Third States, international organisations and civil society is highlighted. 

Reference: Council of the European Union (2022). Council Conclusions on the Civilian CSDP Compact. 


PDF | 7 pages

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