Workshop on Strengthening CSDP-JHA Cooperation

‘Harmonising Narratives to Bolster Cooperation within Member States’

Making civilian CSDP more joined up is one of the core aims of the commitments set in the Civilian CSDP Compact to strengthen European civilian crisis management. Greater cooperation and synergies to increase the internal and external security of Europe and beyond need to be established between (civilian) CSDP and JHA (Justice and Home Affairs) within the triangle of:

1.    Member States (all relevant line ministries and agencies)
2.    In Brussels (EU Institutions, Commission Services and JHA Actors)
3.    In theatre (cooperation between civilian CSDP Missions and e.g., Frontex, Europol, Eurojust)

Cooperation between the three sides of this triangle requires a nationally aligned approach to crisis management amongst the wide range of actors involved, including Ministries of Internal Affairs, Justice, Foreign Affairs, Finance and the numerous agencies and services that work under their auspices. 

The CoE Workshop on Strengthening CSDP-JHA Cooperation: ‘Harmonising Narratives to Bolster Cooperation within Member States’, organised in cooperation with the Netherlands and Portugal, brought together a broad range of stakeholders, from all sides of the triangle, to exchange views with a specific focus on boosting cooperation between civilian CSDP and JHA actors at the national level.

The workshop took place on 5 July 2021.101 attendees from 22 EU Member States discussed cooperation between line ministries within Member States and how to improve the link between JHA and civilian CSDP at the national level. To facilitate a common understanding between the stakeholders involved - a common narrative –, is key to acknowledge that the internal and external security are interlinked, and to highlight the tangible benefits of CSDP activities for the internal security within the EU Member States. 

The workshop was moderated by Lisa Sundström, Ministry of Justice, Sweden. Michael Merker, CPCC/EEAS Senior Advisor, Volker Jacoby, CoE Director, as well as Sladjana Cemerikic, Policy Coordinator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands, and Jonas Sumares, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Portugal, Desk Officer, delivered the opening remarks. Slovenia, Belgium, Spain and Italy provided input with presentations regarding their national approach to CSDP – JHA cooperation. 

The Workshop Facilitators Hanneke Brouwer
and Vincenzo Tagliaferri

Three workshops are being conceptualised and organised by Hanneke Brouwer, Seconded National Expert to the CoE from the Netherlands, and Vincenzo Tagliaferri, Seconded National Expert to the CoE from Italy. Following the workshops, the CoE team stands ready to deepen the knowledge shared through offering matchmaking sessions between members and answering requests for support through individual tailored solutions.


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