Workshop on Strategic Communication and Women’s Representation in Civilian CSDP Missions

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How can strategic communication be used more effectively to reach and recruit women experts for civilian CSDP missions? How can EU Member States customise communication messages to increase women's representation? 

These were some of the topics addressed at the workshop Strategic Communication and Women’s Representation in Civilian CSDP Missions, organised by the CoE together with informal Cluster (working group) Chairs Finland and Spain.  

Speakers from Germany, Estonia and Sweden presented examples of strategic communication at the national level to make civilian missions better known among general public, for example by having women experts tell their stories on TV, radio and websites.  

Depicting women in host countries and other perspectives from the field were brought into discussion by speakers from EULEX Kosovo and the EU Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell for the Sahel (RACC). The mission website and social media channels are often the first entry points to anyone who is considering applying for a position. The importance of how women are presented on the website, avoiding stereotypes and fostering inclusivity and diversity in all communication, including in images and narratives, was underscored by speakers. 

The Cluster Chairs concluded the workshop by highlighting the role of this informal setting for the implementation of the current Compact, but also to ensure that Women, Peace and Security stay on the agenda.  

Workshop series: compilation of experiences and good practices

The online event was part of a workshop series sharing experiences, good practice and challenges by Member States and EU institutions to remove existing barriers, broaden the pool of women candidates and improve women’s recruitment to civilian CSDP missions.  

Outcomes of the previous workshops have now been compiled in a new document produced by the CoE. You find the document here

Contact: Taina Järvinen, Seconded National Expert from Finland:


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