Closing Event of the CSDP Women’s Mentoring Programme

Today, the first mentoring programme for women in CSDP Missions was completed with a closing workshop that brought together mentors and mentees to reflect on their experiences during the seven-month pilot programme.  

The closing event was opened by the CoE’s Director Volker Jacoby who welcomed the participants and thanked the mentors and mentees for their active participation and noted that the successful completion of the mentoring programme – conducted together with CPCC - was a milestone for the CoE. It was the first extensive engagement of the CoE with the civilian CSDP missions. Fifty women and men from nine civilian CSDP missions had participated in the mentoring programme 

Mentors and mentees exchanged their main professional and personal takeaways and learnings from the programme in an interactive session guided by inclusive leadership coach Lena Moll

Taina Järvinen, Seconded National Expert at the CoE, Lina Andéer, Gender and Women, Peace and Security Advisor in CPCC and Lena Moll, Programme Facilitator, who have conceptualised the programme, also expressed their gratitude to all the participants. The CSDP Women’s Mentoring Programme will be continued with a new mentoring programme planned for 2022 Stay tuned!