Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel

These voluntary guidelines aim at harmonising an understanding and implementation of, as well as approach to, duty of care. They are designed to serve as a basis for clarification and exchange between seconding and receiving organisations as well as with individual secondees.

The guidelines support seconding and receiving organisations in understanding the steps they need to consider before deploying secondees to any environment. They can also be used by receiving organisations as a guide to the variables they need to recognise and manage once the deployment is underway. Their most useful role, however, may be to define a common vocabulary and clarify the expectations of the various stakeholders, i. e. the seconding organisations, the receiving organisations and the secondees themselves. Five standards are highlighted, accompanied each by key indicators, key actions and guiding notes.

Reference: Merkelbach, M. (2017). Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), Stabilisation Unit (SU) and Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF). 


PDF | 44 pages

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