Elements for an EU-wide Strategic Framework to Support Security Sector Reform

This document aims at guiding the identification, planning and implementation of all EU Security Sector Reform (SSR) related external action. The overall goal is to support partner countries’ efforts to ensure 1) security for individuals and the state; and 2) the legitimacy, good governance, integrity and sustainability of the security sector of partner countries.

This framework applies to all EU actors and instruments. It reflects the comprehensive approach to external conflict and crisis in bringing together common security and defence policy (CSDP) and all other relevant common foreign and security policy (CFSP) tools. After describing the objective in terms of rationale and goals, the document describes the actions to achieve this objective. CSDP missions are mentioned in some of the actions, for instance as follows: “As instructed, EU Delegations will include analysis of the security sector in their regular reporting (together with CSDP missions where present).”; “The mandate of CSDP missions should include the provision of technical advice to EU Delegations”.

Reference: European Commission (2016). Joint communication to the European Parliament and the Council: Elements for an EU-wide Strategic Framework to Support Security Sector Reform. 


PDF | 16 pages

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