Climate Change and Defence Roadmap

The Climate Change and Defence Roadmap identifies concrete ways for the EU to be better prepared to the emerging security challenges posed by a changing climate. The overall aim of the Roadmap is to ensure that climate policy implications become an integral part of the EU’s thinking and action on issues such as defence research and development, industry and technology or infrastructure, as well as the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

The roadmap encompasses three different interlinked areas of action: 1) the operational dimension; 2) capability development; and 3) strengthening multilateralism and partnerships. For each area, a set of concrete short-, medium-, and long-term actions is introduced. Those actions include, for instance:

  • “Include the deployment of an environmental advisor as a standard position in CSDP missions and operations, contributing to the successful implementation of the SOPs on climate and environment and foster exchange with other security actors (e.g. UN mission personnel as well as humanitarian actors on the ground)”;
  • “Initiate the development of measurement capabilities and an associated light-touch reporting process based on indicators of progress related to the environmental footprint, incl. energy, water, waste management, etc. within CSDP missions and operations”;

Reference: European External Action Service (2020). Climate Change and Defence Roadmap. 


PDF | 13 pages

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