Civil-Military Coordination in UN Integrated Peacekeeping Missions (UN-CIMIC)

This UN policy provides guidance on the role of United Nations Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CIMIC) in UN peacekeeping missions at the operational and tactical levels. UN-CIMIC is a military staff function that contributes to facilitating the interface between military and civilian components.

UN-CIMIC supports the mission as a whole, and particularly UN military components whose primary role is providing a secure and stable environment, within which humanitarian/development actors may carry out their activities. The paper underlines the importance of UN-CIMIC personnel's role in collecting, verifying, analysing and sharing information with all mission components and mission partners in order to fulfil UN Security Council mandates. It puts a particular emphasis on the Protection of Civilians (PoC). According to this concept UN-CIMIC’s liaison mechanisms should be established in a very prudent and with a low profile/visibility approach, as perceived affiliation with the military could lead to higher risk for mission partners, humanitarian workers as well as civilians.

While personnel in UN Peace Operations are intended to be the primary audience of this document, other UN partners may find this policy useful in enhancing their understanding of UN-CIMIC. Moreover, it may provide useful guidance for missions, which are deployed alongside non-UN military partners in developing local coordination and collaboration arrangements with these partners.

Reference: United Nations, Department of Peace Operations (2022) Civil-Military Coordination in UN Integrated Peacekeeping Missions (UN-CIMIC).


PDF | 14 pages

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