An EU Strategic Approach in Support of Disarmament, Demobilisation, and Reintegration of Former Combatants

Summary: Disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of former combatants (DDR) plays an essential role in stabilisation and building lasting peace. DDR is thus an integral part of the EU’s contribution to the non-reoccurrence of violence and to broader stabilisation. This joint communication presents the updated EU DDR policy, drawing on the Global Strategy, the Integrated Approach, and the new EU-wide security sector reform (SSR) framework. It proposes means to support DDR in affected countries and regions in a coordinated, conflict-sensitive manner and in line with international law.

Despite not being focused on CDSP missions but rather on the EU’s toolbox generally, CSDP missions are evoked: “In accordance with their mandates, civilian and military CSDP missions and operations should contribute to an environment favourable to a DDR process by supporting national and local actors. In addition to their direct contribution to specific DDR components, CSDP missions may contribute to long-term reintegration of former combatants that have gone through a DDR process by training and mentoring activities”.

More specifically, “joint disarmament operations within the framework of a CSDP mission and/or operation could be envisaged, if the Council so decides, in line with Article 43 TEU, in addition to contributing to UN-mandated or regionally and nationally-led initiatives”.

Reference: European Commission (2021). Joint communication to the European Parliament and the Council: An EU strategic approach in support of Disarmament, Demobilisation, and Reintegration of former combatants.


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