Workshop on National Implementation of the Civilian CSDP Compact

© Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Against the backdrop of the adoption of the new Civilian CSDP Compact on 22 May 2023, the CoE has conducted its first full day workshop in its efforts to support its members to develop their national plan on how to implement the commitments under the new Compact.

The workshop took place on November 6 and was hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm. Ms. Lisa Buijsse, Senior Advisor and seconded national expert from Sweden to the CoE, facilitated the workshop, in which representatives from all relevant Ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Defence) and seconding authorities took part.

In different formats, the participants discussed lessons learned from the implementation of the former Compact (2018-2023) as well as priorities and strategic considerations for the implementation of the new one. The aim of the day was to create a solid baseline for Sweden to develop a national implementation plan which reflects both Sweden’s strategic priorities and the operational realities of Sweden’s seven seconding authorities.

The main two results from this workshop were:

  1. An improved shared understanding of Sweden’s priorities among ministries and seconding authorities, and the compilation of a baseline for the further development of Sweden’s national implementation plan;
  2. Finetuning of a tool the CoE can offer to its members in their support. The concept of the workshop, including lessons learned, will be shared in due course on CoE’s knowledge hub.

We would like to invite members who wish to learn more about the workshop as a tool, and how it can be used in their respective national context, to reach out to the CoE.

For more information about Sweden’s and other Member States secondment systems, please visit our map on secondment.