MSB Gender Equality Toolkit: Practical Advice for International Operations

The toolkit gathers a large amount of tools, checklists and inspiration on how to ensure the integration of gender equality considerations into the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency's (MSB) international operations. It was initially published in 2009 in the form of a "Gender Equality Handbook" meant to support MSB staff in efforts to mainstream gender equality into international operations. The 2019 revision transformed the handbook into a toolkit. While it is still addressed to MSB staff, it offers a wealth of advice for all experts working in civilian CSDP missions as well as in UN or OSCE peace support operations.

It is based on both MSB’s and MSB partners’ experience, tools, and good practice. This synchronisation of approaches aims at reinforcing the implementation of already existing policies and global standards rather than creating parallel advice and standards.  
The toolkit is structured in three parts: 1) Gender equality in MSB international operations – what, why, when and how?, 2) Gender equality in the project cycle – strategies, methods and tools, and 3) Sector-specific and thematic tools. Part 2 covers, among other aspects, gender equality considerations relevant for national career path development and training as well as gender-sensitive and inclusive communication. 

Reference: Molin, J. (2019). MSB Gender Equality Toolkit: Practical advice for international operations, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Karlstad. ISBN: 978-91-7383-945-7.



PDF | 346 pages

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