Implementing Guidelines for the EU Policy on Training for CSDP (2022)

These implementing guidelines are replacing the existing guidelines from 2017 and aim to provide guidance and orientation to the implementation of the CSDP Training Policy, as well as an overview of all the Training Requirement Analyses (TRA) conducted so far.

The guidelines identify one of the main challenges in the field of EU Policy on Training for CSDP: it is an area with multiple stakeholders and overlapping responsibilities. To provide orientation, an overview of the CSDP training architecture is provided in chapter 3. It is reiterated that the training of personnel for CSDP missions and operations is primarily the responsibility of Member States, shared with EU institutions and dedicated bodies. In chapter 4, it is noted that the CSDP Training Policy as adopted in 2017 remains valid. At the same time it is mentioned that its implementation could be improved. The ongoing TRA process is highlighted as a major step forward in this regard.

Furthermore, in order to stay relevant and updated, the document stresses that the CSDP Training Programme will consist of a list of courses in Schoolmaster, which should relate to corresponding training requirements and be continuously updated by Member States and other relevant stakeholders. Importantly, it is noted that each Member State should identify a Schoolmaster Compartment Administrator(s), acting as a national coordinator and an entry point for matters related to CSDP training at the national level. 

Reference: European External Action Service (EEAS), 2022. Implementing Guidelines for the EU Policy on Training for CSDP.


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