Gender Equality Training Needs for the EU's Civilian CSDP Missions

The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) were appointed to form the Civilian Coordinator of Training (CCT) on Gender Equality, with the task to analyse the training requirements in the field of gender equality. This concise summary of the Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) helps understanding the aim and methodology of the TRA, contrasts existing training with EU policy ambitions, and presents recommendations to address identified gaps.

Even if training on gender mainstreaming is a mandatory part of pre-deployment and pre-posting training according to the EU Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, there is no systematic approach to training on gender equality before and during deployment. To identify and address the main gaps between policy ambitions and the training reality, a TRA has been conducted by the EU Civilian Training Group. It has identified nine recommendations, among them to ensure that the integration of a gender perspective is part of the in-mission induction training, and to establish a common training programme for all gender focal points. Apart from those recommendations, the TRA summary outlines differentiated learning outcomes on gender equality for all mission staff, certain management positions in missions, gender focal points, and gender advisers.

Reference: Folke Bernadotte Academy, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (2021). Summary of the Training Requirements Analysis: Gender Equality Training Needs for the EU's Civilian Common Security and Defence Policy Missions. 


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