Civilian Operations Commander Operational Guidelines on Civil Society Engagement

These guidelines aim to operationalise engagement with civil society actors in mission implementation. It contains a toolbox for engagement and checklist for civil society mapping and risk analysis to assist all mission staff to know what to do and how to do it.

Importantly, the guidelines recognise that civil society actors play a key role in contributing to stabilisation and peace, particularly via holding governments accountable and in the areas of rule of law and organised crime. The guidelines assist senior staff to develop a strategic approach to civil society engagement to foster consistency and ensure a people centred approach. This results in more effective mandate implementation and more sustainable peace. The guidelines are built on four key questions:

  1. Why should civil society be involved and what roles do they play?
  2. Who are civil society actors missions could engage with and how do they select the right ones?
  3. How can civil society actors be brought on board?
  4. When should we engage with civil society within the mission’s life cycle and external activities?

Reference: Council of the European Union (2022). Civilian Operations Commander Operational Guidelines on Civil Society Engagement


PDF | 32 pages

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