Tomas Meškauskas

Senior Advisor from Lithuania

Tomas Meškauskas’ professional career spans over 30 years of service in the Lithuanian Public Prosecutor‘s Service – more than 20 of them in the field of Organized Crime investigation and prosecution. He personally led the teams in dozens of international Organized Crime-related investigations, including cooperation with the authorities of Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia Norway, Belarus, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.  

Tomas Meškauskas was granted the rank of Chief Justice Counsellor. Before joining the Centre of Excellence, he was assigned as Deputy to the National Member in Eurojust. 

Tomas Meškauskas has been working for the European Union Executive and Advisory Missions in Kosovo and Ukraine. He spent 4 years in those missions, holding various prosecutorial, advisory and managerial functions. He also took part as the expert in various international projects for strengthening interinstitutional cooperation in the field of Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia. Within a team of European Union experts, Tomas assessed Georgia’s and Seychelles’ capabilities to tackle Organized Crime. 

Tomas Meškauskas speaks Lithuanian, Russian and English.