Women in the CSDP: Strengthening the EU’s Effectiveness as an International Player

Summary: In the context of the upgrade of the Security and Defense Cooperation in the EU, this article argues that much can be gained by improving the gender balance in CSDP missions and operations. 

The authors advocate the importance and positive outcomes of gender balance in EU civilian and military crisis management missions and operations (i.e positive effects on operational effectiveness, better acceptance of the mission by the local population, contribution to overcome gender stereotypes, demonstration of the EU’s commitment to gender equality). The article also explores the reasons for the low number of women in CSDP missions and operations and suggests ways to improve the gender balance at the national and EU levels.

Reference: Bratosin d'Almeida, I., Haffner, R., & Hörst C. (2017). Women in the CSDP: strenghtening the EU'S effectiveness as an international player, European View, 16 (2), 313-324. 
doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12290-017-0467-1 


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