Strategy for International Civilian Crisis Management and Peace Promotion 2024–2028

This strategy is a part of the governance of Sweden’s collective development, foreign and security policy. The strategy describes which objectives activities will contribute to and how. It also points out secondments of experts in general as well as CSDP with its missions as priorities.

The strategy’s objectives are based on Sweden’s added value as an actor in international civilian crisis management and peace promotion activities and on lessons learned from delivering good results in different operational areas. By demonstrating broad engagement via secondments, Sweden creates the conditions to steer missions in a direction that is important for Sweden. Priorities are the prevention, prediction, management and resolution of crises and conflicts as well as sustainable peace, security, democracy and human rights and the rule of law. The activities in the strategy are mainly seconding activities and capacity building activities. 

The Swedish support for civilian missions will also consist of support to the internal capacity of the organisations launching such missions to conduct civilian crisis management and peace promotion activities, as well as policy and doctrine development. 

The strategy guides the use of funds allocated by the Swedish Police Authority, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the Swedish National Courts Administration, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency which are the seven Swedish seconding agencies. 

With the EU being Sweden’s most important foreign policy platform, government agencies will focus on conducting activities in EU civilian CSDP. The implementation of the EU Civilian CSDP Compact is a strategic goal for Sweden. Therefore, the agencies will actively contribute through their activities, including by contributing to the realisation of the national implementation plan. 

Reference: Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2024). Strategy for international civilian crisis management and peace promotion 2024–2028.


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