Belgian Civilian Crisis Management Strategy

The strategy, approved in 2017, refers to the Belgian vision, priorities, and ambition to contribute to the efforts of the international community to prevent or deal with foreign crises by means of non-military actions.

It includes a strategic and operational framework to support Belgium's contribution to civilian crisis management operations, primarily those led by the EU and, where appropriate, those of the UN, OSCE and NATO:

  • The strategic section describes the global framework in which Belgium's will and ambition to participate in civilian crisis management missions is embedded, as well as the priorities and level of ambition of the strategy.
  • The operational section explains the structures and mechanisms for planning and coordination of contributions, budgetary coverage and communication strategy.


Reference: Federal Government of Belgium (2017),  Belgian Civilian Crisis Management Strategy, approved by the Council of Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium on 18 May 2017.


PDF | 7 pages

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