Elisabetta Spoti

Seconded National Expert from Italy

Elisabetta Spoti is a Seconded National Expert from Italy at the CoE. She is a Major of the Arma dei Carabinieri.

She upholds a wide range of experience on an operational and investigative level, gained in executive assignments. Currently in charge of an investigative department of a province in the center of Italy, over the last eleven years, she has been in charge of Carabinieri territorial detachments, in Lombardia, Tuscany and then in Sicily. Elisabetta was responsible for the process of developing and applying strategies to assure safety and security in the most effective way. She was supervising various investigations, particularly related to organised crime, as well as managing human resources. Elisabetta has been a key-speaker in seminars on themes such as “Legality and Culture”, “Gender equality” and “Cybersecurity”. 

She served as Chief of Operation in the TIPH international mission in Hebron, Palestinian Territories, with the specific task of monitoring and documenting the violation of human rights. 

As an instructor for Iraqi Police trainers in Baghdad, she was lecturing on gender issues, operational techniques and International Humanitarian Law.

Elisabetta attended the Military Academy in Modena and the Carabinieri Officers School in Rome. She holds a Master´s degree in Law and a PhD in Science of External and Internal Security and is Gender Advisor for Arma dei Carabinieri. She is fluent in English and has a basic knowledge of German.