Antti Häikiö

Senior Advisor from Finland

Antti Häikiö has 30 years of experience working in the civil service, in particular in the areas of international and national security. Antti is a senior civil servant at the Ministry of the Interior of Finland with the function of Ministerial advisor in the international affairs unit, in which he has been the head of civilian crisis management and co-founder of CMC Finland.

Before joining the CoE as a Senior Advisor seconded by the Government of Finland, he worked as a Senior Strategic Advisor in the Security and Defence Policy division of the European External Action Service. Since 1993 he has also worked in several civilian and military field missions and operations of the UN, EU, OSCE and NATO, last as the Head of Training, Evaluation and Best Practices for the integrated Rule of Law mission EULEX Kosovo.

Antti Häikiö has been a member of the national board of Unifem Finland and the advisory board of UN Women Finland, a member of the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI, President Ahtisaari´s Office), Nokia Reserve Officers and Peacekeepers´association. He has been awarded with the National Medal of Military Merits. He is a regular lecturer and course director on senior courses and has published over 25 articles on security and crisis management.